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Suddath Commits to IOMI® Training and Certification for All Employees

Bob Papuga, Senior Vice President at Suddath and Lisa Mills, Manager, Quality and Training at Suddath presented Ed Katz with Suddath’s “Outstanding Partnership” award.

U.S. House of Representatives Logistics Becomes IOMI® Certified Office Movers®

At Last…Something Congress Can Agree On! Click here to find out more.

Barbecue and Best Practices in the Heart of Texas

While barbecue fans like to debate the merits of various sauces, Texans consider those nothing more than ‘side dips.’ What matters to them is the meat—substance over sauce. “Substance” was a key theme at KC Salley Relocation’s recent IOMI® Certified Office Mover® training, held November 3-6, 2015, at KC Salley’s Houston office.

Gambia Movers, West African, becomes
IOMI® Certified

Ed Katz and Moe Sallah, Owner of Gamiba Movers
Ed Katz, IOMI® instructor, and Moe Sallah, owner of Gambia Movers, during a break from the 3-day Certified Office Mover® training seminar at the central Mississippi compound of the International Office Moving Institute. Moe is from Gambia, West Africa. He came to America to realize his dream of becoming a US Citizen and an entrepreneur. After working on the back of a moving van as a helper for nearly a year, he started his own moving company, Gambia Movers, in Detroit, Michigan when he was only 18-years-old.

Breaking News: A team of enterprising Americans become the first IOMI® Certified Office Movers® in Southeast Asia

Pathway Moving Services

Pathway Moving Services opens in
Yangon, Myanmar.

MBI Workspace Solutions completes training and becomes IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers®

Ed Katz at MBI Workspace solutuions
MBI Workspace Solutions invited Ed Katz for IOMI® training See: http://www.mbi.officemoves.com/

Ed Katz delivers his speech at the BAR Conference in Scotland:

Ed Katz speaking at the BAR conference
The BAR (British Association of Removers) invites Ed Katz back for another IOMI® presentation (Learn More)
Visit the BAR website http://www.bar.co.uk/

Midwest Moving & Storage serving the Chicago market now requires IOMI® training as a condition of employment. Since 2008, Midwest has not only trained every key sales, administrative, operations, and customer service employee, but every one of the company's movers are also IOMI-trained and certified. (L-R) Luis Toledo, Midwest president, Ed Katz, IOMI® instructor, and Tom Pera, Midwest GM.

Business Moves Group Ltd. invites Instructor Ed Katz back for another round of IOMI® Certified Mover® Training.


New device moves heavy files,
reduces Workers' Comp cost

APRIL 20, 2012 -- The cry for relief from Workers' Comp claims has been heard and the answer is >>click here for full story

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