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For more than a decade, many in the moving industry and companies planning a move have come to rely on as a steadfast source of best practices. We advocate, and through the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), teach:

Minimizing the risk of damage to walls, floors, doors and elevators during your move. IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers® learn the best practice methods for installing extensive building protection.

Minimizing the risk of damage to furniture and computers during your move. IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers® learn the best-practice methods for wrapping every monitor, printer, CPU, server, and copier with two layers of anti-static bubble wrap (with the bubbles facing the bubbles) instead of pad-wrapping computers with filthy furniture pads.

Timing is of the essence on your office move. If your mover doesn’t finish the job on time, it can cost your company thousands of dollars of nonproductive downtime. IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers® learn an estimating formula that’s based upon man-hours instead of the unreliable method typically used on household moves that's based on weight.

The IOMI® proprietary estimating formula is uncannily accurate because it factors in not only volume but the unique logistics of both the building you're moving from and to.
ATLANTA, GA DEC 13 -15, 2005 - Debbie Ponder, general manager, and Erik Christensen, president, of Bulldog Movers with one of the company's new moving vans.  Bulldog recently replaced their entire fleet with all new trucks. Bulldog Movers earned Certified Movers status after completing training by the International Office Moving Institute.
Described by his students as a “natural born teacher,” Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute uses state-of-the-art presentation tools to enhance the learning experience for Olivier Crisostomo during Certification training.
Committed to damage-proofing doors, Bulldog's Erik Christensen learns to properly install their new Mat-A-Doors®, which they plan to use on every office move to protect main entrance doors and elevator entrances.
Olivier Crisostomo learning the
formula for estimating.
Erik Christensen, president of Bulldog Movers experiences an ah-ha moment while comparing the protective properties of bubblewrap to a typical mover's furniture pad. Aided by IOMI Instructor Ed Katz, Christensen discovers the sample furniture pad wrapped around his wrist provides little to no protection against bumps.

Comments by Training Attendees

"Ed challenged us to think outside of the box and not follow the followers but, instead, blaze our own new trails. I am so excited to adopt and implement what we learned."
Olivier Crisostomo

"Ed is so easy to listen to--His real life stories and experiences prove that he knows what he's talking about."
Don Massaro, Operations Manager

"Ed was great!  He's teaching style is friendly, entertaining and challenging.  What we learned will make us so much better at what we do."
Debbie Ponder, General Manager

"Ed is the expert in office moving.  No one has spent the time and energy that Ed has to analyze every aspect of the moving business.  We will use the tools that he taught us every day in our business.  We can't wait to go out and outperform our competition."
Erik Christensen, President

Why hire an IOMI® Certified Office Mover®?

1. On time for the price quoted

One of the biggest complaints about movers is that they often badly underestimate the cost of a move and then don't finish on time. An International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®)-trained mover learns a formula for accurately estimating cost. By calculating the number of trucks and movers for how long, IOMI® Certified Office Movers® can base estimates on man-hours, volume, and logistics, and not weight, which household movers typically use when quoting an office move. As a result, the chances of a move completing on time for the price quoted is greatly improved.

2. Minimize risk of damage

IOMI® Certified Office Movers® learn the latest techniques to minimize risk of damage to furniture and computers, and are trained in extensive building protection to minimize risk of damage to carpet, walls, doors, and door jambs.

3. Minimize downtime

There is a better way! IOMI® Certified Office Movers® understand that their customers can't afford to shut down operations during a move, and are trained in techniques to keep client employees working. Many IOMI® graduates offer the "boxless" move -- moving the contents in the furniture instead of the contents and the furniture.

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