2008 Annual Meeting
Two Men And A Truck builds winning teams
MARCH 16, 2008 -- While the moving industry reported double-digit negative growth in 2007, the winning team at Two Men And A Truck finished in the plus column. Building Winning Teams was the theme of the 2008 annual meeting of Two Men And A Truck International, the 16th yearly get-together for a franchise with 20-plus years of growth.

Of particularly interest at this year’s meeting was Ed Katz’ presentation “Why Become an Office Mover?” Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI), was also a featured speaker at the company’s 2007 annual meeting.

Last year, Two Men And A Truck International gained recognition at the 171st spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Top 500, was named as one of America’s top global
franchises, listed on Franchise Business Review’s “Franchise 50”, and selected as one of the top 25 franchises for Hispanics by National Minority Franchising Initiative.
In the U.S., more than 1,300 trucks roll out of 173 franchises and 21 satellites in 31 states. Internationally, Two Men And A Truck has five locations in Canada, one in Ireland, and one in South Africa.   

A corporate core value of giving back to the community resulted last year in a donation to the American Cancer Society of $35,792, or 10 cents for every move performed in the system.

This year’s annual meeting was held at the Birmingham Sheraton in downtown Birmingham, AL
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Marc Riewer, Milwaukee, WI Kim Hafley, vice president of marketing and communications for Two Men And A Truck rolled out the red carpet for guest speaker Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI).  Tina Raibley, Evansville, IN
Chris Bortnichak, left, training education manager, and Jody Hope, franchise development specialist, with Two Men And A Truck's corporate office during the 2008 Annual Meeting of Two Men And A Truck International.


MARCH 11 - 15, 2007 - Back in the early 1980s, Mary Ellen Sheets bought an old truck to help her high-school-aged sons earn some spending money. Today, hundreds of franchises and millions of moves later, the company she started, Two Men And A Truck, held its 2007 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

This year for the first time ever, Two Men And A Truck offered its franchisees leadership sessions with professional speakers teaching classes in their areas of expertise. Ed Katz, president of Office Moving Systems, Inc. and head of the International Office Moving Institute, asked attendees why become an office mover?

All franchisees were required to attend the event held at the luxurious Sheraton in downtown Atlanta.

Chris Bortnichak, corporate training and education manager for Two Men And A Truck, welcomes guest speaker Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute.
Two Men And A Truck franchisees packed the room during the corporation's annual meeting to hear guest speaker Ed Katz explain the benefits of being an office mover.
Comments From Attendees
Very informative "outside the box"...Great stuff!! Thanks Ed!...Pro's and Con's included instead of just the rosey picture...Great info, great presenter, bring him back!...I could have used a couple more hours talking about logistics and estimating...too long on examples of damages, to light on getting to sales message...Great job...It isn't practical unless I have the space to store everything... Ed is outstanding...Not afraid to speak the truth...Experience counts and teaches!...helped answer some of my questions...Will strive to be an eagle...Not enough real info to fill an entire session...Good speaker...Wish we had more time...I'm eagle bound!...Lots of tips!... Excellent suggestions!...Very positive approach to business moving...TMT needs him to setup office process for moving...It was more of a motivational speech and didn't help me plan for future...realistic and eye opening...Could divide into multiple sessions...Seen before, but offered new information...off color humor...Awesome and to the point...Strange guy!...lot of math and details so handouts would be nice...Learned a lot, very practical.


How about a big hand for the little lady

APRIL 11 - 12, 2006 LANSING, MI - How about a big hand for the little lady; two of them. Yes, gentlemen, while you were doing whatever it was that you were doing, a lady in Michigan was turning local moving in America on its ear. Now, twenty years later, she and her daughter continue to grow their family business while the industry sits up and takes notice. But it hasn't gone to their heads.

If there's a secret to their success, it's probably because Mary Ellen Sheets, founder and CEO of Two Men And A Truck, and her daughter Melanie Bergeron, company president and chief operating officer, are two of the most genuine and passionate people in the industry. They actually walk the talk;  unlike some of the van lines, Two Men And A Truck really cares about their two types of customers, their franchisees and their franchisees' customers.

Sheets and Bergeron hinted at their love affair with franchisees when they blew a kiss to spring conference attendees by thanking them for the continual flow of positive free press. The company has staked its success on three things, training, training and training, and made a major financial investment in its people.

Mary Ellen Sheets, left, CEO and founder of Two Men And A Truck, and daughter Melanie Bergeron, CFE, President & COO with Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute during the company's 11th Annual CSR/Mover/Manager Meeting April 11 & 12, 2006. Katz was invited to speak on the benefits of becoming an office mover and more profitable business from office moving.
Randy Shacka, CFE, CMC, and assistant director of operations for Two Men And A Truck assesses a Mat-A-Door® panel installed on the banquet hall door. The one-of-a-kind white Mat-A-Door® emblazoned with the Two Men And A Truck logo was made especially for the event.

Protecting Doorways
The Mat-A-Door®
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John Parker (left), location manager for Two Men And A Truck® greets IOMI's Ed Katz during a recent visit to the company's Kennesaw, GA office.

General Manager Robin Banker at Two Men And A Truck® in Kennesaw, GA loves her job "because it's so exciting...I have a passion for this company because there is so much opportunity for someone like me."

Largest US franchised local moving company focuses on training

MARCH 3, 2006 KENNESAW, GA - What started as extra money for two high schoolers twenty years ago has become one of America's hottest franchises. And now Canada. Just what is the secret to the success of Two Men And A Truck®? The customer is their first priority and they focus on training.

Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI), will speak on the benefits of becoming an office mover at the corporation's two-day conference next month. To prepare for his upcoming speech, Katz called several franchisees and dropped in on the Kennesaw, GA facility. 

"Every franchisee that I spoke to was passionate about their company's stellar reputation and their tremendous success," Katz said. "The home office philosophy of the franchisee being the customer is a refreshing departure from some in the industry."

Two Men And A Truck® General Manager Robin Banker loves her job "because it's so exciting." Banker began her moving industry career five years ago as a bookkeeper for Two Men And A Truck®. One morning the company needed help in dispatch so she volunteered. She did so well, she ended up doing both jobs—bookkeeping and dispatch. Shortly thereafter, her GM left. The owner liked her ideas on how to improve business so much, he promoted her to general manager.

Banker works for Mike Navin and has run all three of his metro Atlanta Two Men And A Truck® franchises. And the company continues to grow at warp speed.

Today, Banker is headquartered at the Kennesaw, GA facility in north metro Atlanta. Says Banker: "It’s a tremendous challenge...I’m always trying to balance the needs of our customers with the limited resources (movers and trucks) ... Even though we continue to add trucks and hire and train more movers, we just can’t seem to keep up with the ever-increasing demand ... Thank goodness there are other Two Men And A Truck® franchises in our market so that we can give them the moves we can’t squeeze in. Our reputation is so great that we just can’t move all of the people who want to use us."