What They're Saying About The International Office Moving Institute
"I look forward to recommending your seminar to my fellow Atlas Agents. I found it to be most refreshing. I am excited to begin implementing the systems that you have perfected, and I appreciate all of your help and support"

Andy Roboff, Executive Account Manager
Broadway Moving & Storage
Denver, CO

"Many thanks for the 'OMS Seminar.' Your mark is indelible in the minds of those who attended and if they apply this new found knowledge half as well as you presented it, we will most certainly increase our office moving dramatically."

Richard Schmitz, President
COR-O-VAN Moving & Storage
San Francisco, CA

"This seminar was the best seminar on the subject of Office Moving I've ever attended.''

David Lynch, President
Cowen Transfer
Colorado Springs, CO

"I'm proud to recommend you to furniture dealers. You enlightened us when you spoke at our Corporate Development Center in Grand Rapids. Your 'one-stop-shopping' concept could benefit anyone in our industry.

Frank Doezema, Business Manager
Steelcase North America
Grand Rapids, MI

"Ed Katz has spoken at our company several times. His presentation is refreshingly interesting and direct. I recommend him to anyone who wants to get into office moving."

George Brandon, CEO
Carithers - Wallace - Courtenay (CWC)
(Herman Miller Dealer)
Atlanta, GA

"If you could choose someone to teach you how to make a profit in office moving, it's a good bet the name Ed Katz, chairman of Peachtree Movers, would be at the top of your list. Ed's company moves more than 160 companies each month in Atlanta, Georgia. Peachtree Movers is recognized by the moving industry as the most innovative office mover in the country."

Craig Matakis, President
Atlantic Business Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"I just want to tell you how much the efficiency and quality of our office moves have increased since we attended your seminar and adopted the 'Katz' method.

A very important part of adopting your methods was the effect on damage. It immediately dropped to virtually zero. Our only claim this past year was a printer which was damaged by not using the 'Katz' method.

We have been very pleased with the procedures you taught us and we appreciate your quick response to our calls when we have questions. Not only have our claims been reduced to virtually zero, but we are getting a reputation of being the 'quality' office mover in our area.
The Space Gobblers™ have also helped us in selling our office moving services. They save the customers money and time and gives us an edge over our competition. I just booked my largest office move ($80,000) so please send me another 25 Space Gobblers™.

Again, we want to thank you for all your help and I would certainly recommend your consultant services to anyone interested in improving their office/industrial moving services."

Manly Ray
Ray Moving & Storage, Inc.
Greensboro, NC

DETROIT, MI/Nov 20, 2002 - A new book for moving company operators debuted in Detroit this month during the second annual conference of Stevens Van Lines.

As guest speaker at the conference, Ed Katz, the author of Office Moving for Movers, personally introduced his latest book during break-out sessions with Stevens agents. The book covers marketing, how to profit by retaining current customers, collecting what you bill, security and theft prevention plus Katz’ proprietary formula for accurating estimating how many men and how many trucks for how long will be needed for an office move.

“I’ve taught my formula face-to-face for years. This is the first time I’ve made it available for publication,” said Katz. The book also contains Katz’ formula for accurately estimating residential moves, and methods and techniques for reducing worker’s comp claims developed over his 24-year ownership of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta.

“Though Stevens agents specialize in interstate moves, company President Morrie Stevens believes anything that will make their agents become more successful will benefit the company as a whole. Adding local office moves to their list of services is one way companies are diversifying in the face of a withering economy,” said Katz.

Eric Bauer bought Office Moving for Movers for the tips on marketing. "I plan to outmarket and outsell our competition," said Bauer, an O & I salesman with Stevens' Grand Rapids, MI location.

Stevens Van Lines is based in Saginaw, MI and has 119 agents throughout the U.S. Katz’ first book, Commercial Relocation: A Comprehensive Guide for Service Buyers & Industry Professionals, won him the Distinguished Author award in 1999 from the International Facility Management Association.

What they're saying at Stevens Van Lines . . . "Great! Good material. Great attitude" . . . "He loves what he does!" . . . "Great tips & suggestions" . . . "Wish it had been longer" . . . "Very informative" . . . "opened up a new way of thinking" . . . "will open door for selling interstate" . . . "Great job" . . . "Thanks"

"I would like to take this moment to extend my sincere thanks to you for attending our convention in Maine this year. As fellow 'movers' you fit right in with the scheme of things.

Your two-hour presentation on office moving was the highlight of the business sessions, judging by the attendance (over 90), and the numerous comments I am still receivng two weeks later. Even some of the old salts like me learned some new ideas and concepts; different, yet for the most part, simple ideas that really work. I initially had some concerns with a two-hour, non-stop presentation - could we keep them in their seats and interested for that period of time? The answer, of course, was yes, which is due entirely to your expertise in the field of office moving and public speaking.

I would be remiss if I did not ask you to pencil in the dates of September 11-14 for our 1997 Convention & Trade Fair being held at The Seacrest Oceanfront Resort & Conference Center, North Falmouth, Mass. As the new year begins we can discuss the details. In general, "Mini-Seminar" # 2 is what I had in mind.

Once again Ed, thanks, you made me look good!!!!"

Allan C. Parsons, Executive Director.
Massachusetts Movers Association, Inc.
Woburn, MA

"It is hard to belleve that we are approaching our third year as a 'convert' to your innovative moving techniques. In the face of unprecedented growth in our business, I thought I owed you a letter of thanks. I remember the skepticism with which I received the news that the owner of our company had purchased your Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ three years ago. Today I am gratifed that he shared your vision. I could never have imagined at that time how your equipment would change the direction and focus of our business.

As you are aware, we have experienced a 100% increase in sales for two years running and within a year we project an O & I sales volume in excess of $1,000,000.00. These two innovations have enabled us to grow at a tremendous rate, however, I would have to acknowledge the fact that these things are merely tools. Were it not for the techniques in which you have generously instructed me, I doubt we would have achieved these goals.

It is exciting to work with our customers and see their reaction firsthand as they watch us execute an offce or industrial move. The feedback we receive from our customers is extraordinary and the result is invaluable. At present, close to 75% of our sales come not from my solicitations, but rather through the greatest sales method ever imagined ... word of mouth! Our reputation in this market has reached a level wherein we are bidding fewer moves and simply service orders placed by corporations on the move. Even in those cases when we do bid work against a competitor, our strategy is unique. We are not pressed like every other mover to submit the lowest bid because the customer understands the significance in savings produced by the Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™. Our closing ratio is near 80% and we enjoy a further advantage over the movers in this market - our estimates are extremely accurate - within 3% in virtually every case - due to the 'Katz' method by which we estimate jobs.

I could go on and on conceming the successes we have experienced since our association, but I trust you receive letters of this nature every day. To any who would consider an investment in your philosophy and innovations - it will provide an enormous retum (so long as it is not in this market, please!!!). Thank you so much Ed! You have transformed our business and for this I owe a debt of gratitude."

Eric S. Callahan,Vice President
Hoffman Office Moving Systems
Ramsey, NJ

"Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciated your seminar on office moving Jay Fuson and I attended. It has been most beneficial in introducing us to a whole new area of revenues. Little by little we are making in-roads in our market.

Thank you for all of your help and non-hesitance to answer any questions when we call. I look forward to seeing you soon."

John W. Demos
Guardian Moving & Storage, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

"The Chipman Corporation experienced your Office Moving Systems Seminar in late 1992. Shortly after, the Buena Park office acquired a Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™. These events have catapulted this agency far beyond our competition and have brought us from the minor to the major league in a very short span of time.

Your highly innovative and forward thinking system has thrust us into the limelight. This system was "made to order" in a very competitive Los Angeles and Orange County market place.

The Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ have been responsible for opening many doors that have been so far impenetrable. Example: Yamaha had been with one carrier for almost thirteen years. An introduction to the Crane system resulted in a complete conversion of that account to this carrier and an initial award of a $ 250,000 project.

Knapp Communications awarded Chipman their project after they had made a final decision. They had heard of the Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ and afforded me the opportunity to submit a bid and provide a presentation, after they had completed their mover selection process. They were so impressed they gave us the job!

I could site many other similar situations that have occurred since last November. However, it would be better to say that your system has been directly accountable for over $ 500,000 in retained office moving revenues since it's introduction to our company.

There was some skepticism by our competition, (and still is), and by some customers, when these tools were first presented. Now, customers and our crews have requested this technology for as few as two laterals and one desk requirements.

Chipman recently, expanded it's inventory to include a second Spider Crane® and additional Space Gobblers™. The customer demand has been phenomenal, and seems to be growing, exponentially proportionate, to every job we sell. The more we sell the system, the more people want to know about it.

Your system has been my "Sales Life Saver." It has provided me with a unique marketing and operational weapon, that really distinguishes me and my company.

We have had no service failures with this system. We have relocated over 5,000 files and buffered over 1,500 desks and have not experienced a single failure or claim associated with your system.

I believe that it was important for me to convey the success of your systems in this market. L.A. and Orange is one of the most competitive O and I areas in the country. There are over 400 movers in this area. We believe, your "state of the art" innovations have moved us from the middle or bottom of that ranking into one of the top ten office movers in the market.

Thank you for all of your past, present, personal and business support. You have rejuvenated me and the Chipman Corporation by providing us with renewed sales and marketing assets and abilities."

Doug Piersant,Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Chipman Corporation
Buena Park, CA