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Spider Crane

The Spider Crane lifts fullly loaded lateral file cabinets high enough with suction to roll a specially designed steel dolly underneath. A couple of big suction cups create enough vacuum grip when the unit's compressor is turned on to lift a 1,000-pound file cabinet. While the cabinet is held safely suspended, a member of your move crew slides the steel dolly underneath and the cabinet is then gently lowered. At the new office location, your crew uses the Spider Crane to lift the lateral file off the dolly and into its new position.

Combine the Spider Crane with Space Gobbers™ and give your customers a no-hassel, money-saving, time-saving "boxless" move.

Reduce Worker's Comp Claims Two movers can easily lift a fully loaded lateral file and place it on the special steel dolly without breaking a sweat or anything else. The Spider Crane reduces the chance of Workers' Comp claims.

5 Benefits to More Profitable Business

No packing.
No unpacking.
No downtime.

What's better than saving customers the drudgery of emptying their lateral files? The dollars they save in nonproduction employee downtime. Since employees don't stop to pack and unpack, they keep working and your customer stays in business. It's all the justification your customer needs to not hire a lower-priced mover.
2. No disruption. Files are accessible practically up to the moment they're rolled out the door.
3. No damage. Since the Spider Crane lifts cabinets straight up (instead of tipping them onto a 4-wheel dolly), they're not bent, torqued or racked.
Using this common moving method, the weight of contents in the bottom drawers causes torque damage.
4. No lost or
mixed up files.
In their new location, files are immediately accessible just as the customer left them.
Spider Crane
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Spider Crane in action.
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Spider Crane eliminates nonproductive time packing.
Trend toward hiring environ-ment friendly vendors picked up steam along with rising fuel costs.
Not having to pack the contents of lateral file cabinets reduces the need for boxes and other packing materials, so less winds up in the landfills.
Moving the contents in the cabinets rather than the contents and the cabinets reduces volume, which means fewer truck loads and, therefore, less fuel used and pollutants emitted.
Built-in sustainability ensures continued use will have no long-term effect on the environment.

Heavy Lifting

APRIL 3, 2006 - Randy Studer, left, and Lance Whrizk at the controls learn how to use Mesa Systems' new Spider Crane. Craig Andrews, center, general manager at the Denver office of Mesa Systems, Inc. and a certified relocation consultant, plans to grow the company's office moving division by offering their commercial customers the "boxless move®." The device will eliminate injury hazards for Mesa Systems' employees and the Workman's Comp claims. "Our customers will love not having to unload their lateral file cabinets," said Andrews. Not having to empty cabinets minimizes the disruption and trama of an office move and reduces the amount of discarded packing material

The Brains Behind It All The mastermind behind the Spider Crane is Ed Katz, founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta, GA and the internationally recognized leader in office moving. "The beauty is in safely moving everything as is and having your customer find it undisturbed and ready to use in the new locations," says Katz, who has been called of The Guru of Office Moving.

The Spider Crane System

The Spider Crane System includes the Spider Crane, the specially designed Steel Dolly, a Logistics Strap to secure the cabinet to the dolly for transporting, and the Crane T-Hook for pulling the dollied cabinet across the room, down the hall, or onto a moving van.

The Spider Crane is ideal for Steelcase and Hon lateral file cabinets without plastic or veneer (simulated wood) tops.

The Spider Crane comes with the Crane T-Hook shown here. Special Low-gravity Steel Dollies and Logistic Straps, also shown, sold separately.
Spider Crane, $17,999 (GA residents, add 6 percent sales tax) plus freight FOB Atlanta, GA
Price Includes:
• Crane T-Hook
• One full day of training at your place of business. Your sales personnel will learn how to promote, market, and estimate moves with The Spider Crane. Your movers will learn how to safely operate The Spider Crane.

Special Low-gravity Steel Dollies, $154 each plus freight FOB Atlanta, GA.

Logistic Straps, $14.95 each plus freight FOB Atlanta, GA. Steel Dollies and Logistic Straps sold separately.

How to Order: Call 404-358-2172 for licensing information.

Payment: Check or Money Order in U.S. Funds made payable to Office Moving Systems, Inc. Please include payment with order or authorized Cash On Delivery terms.

Shipment: Except for the Logistic Straps, all items are priced FOB Atlanta, GA, and are shipped freight collected. Any damage to shipment should be noted on the Freight Bill, and the buyer must file a claim immediately with the delivering carrier.

Delivery: Allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Browse our Product Catalog | Call 404-358-2172 to order.