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Super-sized Reusable Poly Bag Containing Two Layers of Bubblewrap

Whose idea was this?

Pink Protection For Office Electronics!

Now move computers with all the protective advantages of bubblewrapping at a fraction of the time and cost.

Comp-U-Wrap® takes up where plain old bubblewrap leaves off. Anti-static bubble-filled bags streamline prep time for big savings in move labor and the cost and enormous waste of bubblewrapping, without sacrificing protection from bumps and jarring.

Use Comp-U-Wraps® over and over. When the bubblewrap layers inside are worn out, replace them and Comp-U-Wraps® are brand new and ready for many more months of heavy duty protection.

Trend toward hiring environment friendly vendors picked up steam along with rising fuel costs.
Comp-U-Wraps® are reusable. Instead of using rolls of bubblewrap once then throwing it away, bubblewrap placed inside of our poly bags can be used over and over.
How To Use Comp-U-Wraps®

Place computer monitor or CPU in center of a single Comp-U-Wrap® on moving cart shelf. Fold the ends up against each side of the equipment and you've got pink, bubbly protection!
It's like giving your computers a vacation! Sensitive components ride in cushiony comfort and arrive at their destination refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go back to work.

2 x 4-foot Poly Bags, $4.95 each, minimum order 100 (GA residents, add 6% sales taxes) plus $26.90 shipping. Bubblewrap not included. Add your bubblewrap to our six-mil-thick, anti-static poly sleeve and you've made a Comp-U-Wrap®!

To place an order, call Ed Katz at 404.358.2172