Office Moves Training

We listened to our customers. We found they want cost-effective, targeted training designed specifically for movers, sales, marketing, admin, and customer service staff. For the first time ever, IOMI® delivers an affordable, next- generation online training program. Your business will experience minimal interruption with our on-demand course. In addition to “Office Moving” fundamentals, here’s a sampling of other major topics we cover in this one-of-a- kind course:

  • How to Grow your Revenue and Make Money
  • How to Quote Jobs and Book Moves
  • What is the Best Moving Equipment
  • What is the Best Customer Relations
  • How to Run Jobs so they Finish On Time for the Price Quoted with a Minimum Risk of Damage and Workers’ Comp Claims

Classes are available online 24/7, accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

For nearly 30 years, IOMI® (International Office Moving Institute) has been the world’s premiere ‘university for office moving,’ providing independent training and certification to moving industry professionals. We’ve had the privilege of teaching thousands of students in our three-day on-site courses.

To minimize business disruption, reduce training expenses and address the high turnover of entry level employees, our customers asked us to develop a learning alternative that:

Provides training for movers that covers the best practice methods to minimize the risk of injury to employees and damage to buildings and cargo. Train sales how to estimate accurately with the IOMI® proprietary formula so that jobs can finish on time for the price quoted with a built-in profit. Lets all employees—executives, sales, admin, customer service, and ops access training modules online, anytime, at their convenience.

What Participants are Saying about IOMI®’s Online Certified Office Mover® Course

I still can't thank you enough for the IOMI® training. Just finished up another huge office move that will result in recurring business…we were in Fort Lauderdale yesterday where we were awarded a bid on a 600-employee office move. Thanks to you!!! We let them know our crews went through your training and they loved it. If you ever sell IOMI®, I want to buy it, I am that much of a believer!!!”
- Chris Hunt, CEO, First Class Moving Systems, Tampa, Florida

“All of our employees, including our movers, took your online office moving seminar, and it was terrific! We can’t wait to implement the IOMI® process. Thank you for making the IOMI® learning process so easy!”

- Liz Crespin, Atlantic Moving & Storage Services, LLC, Dulles, Virginia