Office Moves Training

Online Course Outline

  • The four IOMI® goals:
    1. How to minimize the risk of injury to the movers
    2. How to minimize the risk of damage to what you’re moving
    3. How to minimize the risk of damage to the buildings you’re moving from and to
    4. How to finish the job on time and please the customer
  • What is the best 4-wheel dolly
  • What is the best high-rise dolly
  • How to move desks
  • How to move credenzas
  • How to move vertical file cabinets
  • How to move lateral file cabinets
  • How to move 2-drawer wooden file cabinets
  • How to move fireproof file cabinets
  • How to move conference tables
  • How to move breakfronts with glass doors
  • How to move glass on top of furniture
  • How to move grey metal supply shelves
  • How to move warehouse shelves
  • How to move safes
  • How to move modular furniture
  • How to move computers
  • How to move lamps
  • How to move paintings
  • How to move stacking trays
  • How to move large plants
  • How to move library books
  • How to move contents
  • How to move laptops
  • How to handle personal bric-a-brac
  • How to create a Scope of Services—that defines who is responsible for what (the movers and the customer) for every job
  • The IOMI® Estimating Formula—how to estimate the number of movers and trucks needed, for how long, for the three types of moves that are:
      • An Internal Move (a move from one side of the floor to the other or from one floor to another within the same building)
      • A Load & Go or Load & Deliver External Move (a move from one building to another where the crew stays together—the crew that loads is the same crew that unloads)
      • A Shuttle, Van Rotation, or Round Robin External Move (a move from one building to another where you have two crews—sending and receiving simultaneously loading and unloading while the trucks shuttle or drive back and forth)
  • Accessorial Services—how to calculate the time it takes to load and unload library books, unbolt file cabinets, disassemble and reconfigure modular furniture
  • How to bind your customer with a contract
  • How to prepare the customer to be moved
    • How to teach the customer to pack
    • How to teach the customer to prepare computers and copiers
    • How to mark the floor plan and teach the customer to label
  • How to dispatch and run the job
  • How to place your crew on the job
  • How to supervise the crew
  • How to install extensive building protection
  • How to sequence the move
  • How to control the customer and be professional
  • How to load a moving van using the IOMI® floating method of keeping the furniture on the dolly on the floor of the truck (less chance of employee injuries; less chance of damage)
  • How to implement ongoing training
  • How to market and grow your business
  • How to get property managers and landlords to recommend you
  • How to telemarket and cold call prospects